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The Downtown C-pass provides eligible downtown workers free, unlimited access to the entire bus system of Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) in Columbus, OH.

Eligible workers and residents can use the C-pass any day, any time, on any route for work or play.

Thanks to the partnership of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), COTA and Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District (CCSID) downtown property owners, C-pass is available to all qualifying businesses at no cost to the employer or rider. 


Learn how to enroll your organization in the Downtown C-pass program.


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our Partners

The Central Ohio Transit Authority is the regional transit provider for the greater Columbus area, serving more than 19 million passengers each year. 

Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District is an association of downtown property owners who fund cleaning, safety, advocacy and transit services to employees, residents and visitors in the district.

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission is Central Ohio’s regional council, comprised of more than 70 counties, cities, villages and townships, which collaborate on planning for the region’s growth.

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